Finding Happiness & Truth

Wynnsong: Life*Spirit*Voice is the option you need if your life has become bland, out of your control, without depth or direction. As a Life Coach, Reverend Wynn Perkins will help you to find a path back to joy and a way to live beautifully: the way you want to live. As a Spiritual Advisor, she will help you to find depth and meaning in your life, purpose for your path or a way to navigate your darker moments. Reverend Wynn is happy to work within or without a belief system, because spirituality and meaning don't have to be attached to dogma. Wynn is also a public speaker, ritual leader and voice actor available for hire for a variety of occasions under her "Voice" tab. See what she can do for you!

Occult and Theology Education
Holistic Approach
UU and Neopagan Friendly
24 Years Experience


Life Coach * Spiritual Advisor * Voice Acting

Life             Spirit             Voice