Life Coach & Spiritual Life Coach

Oxford Happiness Questionaire

Provides a snapshot of your current level of happiness. Curious?

Clear Steps to Find Joy

Despite a number of simple published works, many Americans are lacking in this skill.

Letting Go

Most of us live with grief of some kind, but did you know that you may be grieving more than lost loved ones?

Focussed Art

Coloring books, mandalas, paints and small crafts can all help us articulate forgotten simple pleasures.

Object Play

Considering the things that pass through our hands everyday can help us to realize how we feel about certain tasks.

Discovering Roots

Exploring your culture, heritage, family and past experinces, good and bad, to understand how they continue to influence your choices.


Life Coaching

Coaching sessions are not therapy and cannot replace therapy if you have medical need for psychological counseling. Reverend Wynn will be happy to work alongside your therapist or separately in addition to your therapist if you have need of both services in your life. It's never a bad idea to call. Mental health disorders and other disabilities are welcome provided appropriate medical treatment is also being received.

Relationships and life can be difficult to navigate and understand. Joy, meaning and purpose become lost as we attempt to navigate responsibility, grief, loss, routine, family, obligations and uncertainty. Reverend Wynn uses techniques ranging from Oxford Brookes University-born testing to arts and crafts depending on your needs, interests and personality to help you come to a better understanding of yourself and your own path back to a life of fulfillment and pride.