Spiritual Advising


Spiritual Advisor & Non-Counselor Pastoral Care

Many Americans lack that depth of meaning that a spiritual life can provide, and often it is because we do not grasp the difference between spirituality and religion. For others of us, it's a matter of finding the time and assigning the importance to spiritual practice that would allow us to deepen those experiences in our lives. Reverend Wynn Perkins would like to help you develop a deeper connection to yourself and to something greater than yourself in ways that are meaningful to you and tailored to your lifestyle.

Advising sessions are not therapy and cannot replace therapy if you have medical need for psychological counseling. Reverend Wynn will be happy to work alongside your therapist or separately in addition to your therapist if you have need of both services in your life. It's never a bad idea to call. Mental health disorders and other disabilities are welcome provided appropriate medical treatment is also being received.

Build a Spiritual Practice

Learn how to take some time out of even the busiest schedules to reconnect.

Explore Your Personal Truth

Safe non-judgemental conversations

New Answers

Explore ideas and theologies from Reverend Wynn's unique and ecclectic experience and education.

Ritual Practice

Build personal rituals, participate in ritual groups or have initiations and rites of passage written just for you!

Pastoral Care

Though not a liscensed counselor, Reverend Wynn has provided Pastoral Care in the Neopagan community for 2 decades!

Occult and Divination

Discuss Astrology, receive Tarot Card readings, have your dreams interpreted, and more...